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How to upgrade to MoneyWiz 2024 from an older version of MoneyWiz?
How to upgrade to MoneyWiz 2024 from an older version of MoneyWiz?

Interested in the new upgrade? Learn how to switch in few quick steps!

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First of all, thank you for using MoneyWiz and we hope that you'll enjoy the new version as much as we enjoyed hand-crafting it for you, line of code at a time (interested in what's new?). This guide provides information how to upgrade to the newest version of MoneyWiz from an older one.

Before you begin

  • MoneyWiz 2024 requires a subscription to unlock paid features. There is no one-time license purchase.

  • If you have an active MoneyWiz Premium subscription, you already have MoneyWiz 2024 unlocked for your account -- you just need to migrate your data! (Unfortunately Setapp subscription will not work for the time being.)

  • If you don't have a MoneyWiz Premium subscription, you can purchase one from our store. If you wish to sync your accounts with Online Banking, you'll need MoneyWiz Premium subscription. If you wish to manage your accounts manually (or import from files like CSV or QIF), the MoneyWiz Standard subscription will suffice. If you are not sure which version to get, please read more here.

  • MoneyWiz 2024 is currently only available for iOS, iPadOS and macOS platforms. It is not available for Android or Windows at this time. We hope that it might change in the future but those releases will not be available soon.
    Even if you will be using MoneyWiz on Apple platform, please take into considerations the system requirements.

  • It is not possible to use MoneyWiz 2023 on one device and MoneyWiz 1/2/3 on another device, with the same sync account.

Checking your sync account status

The easiest, safest and best way to migrate your data is via our sync service (MoneyWiz Cloud by SYNCbits). Please first check if you have a sync account:

  • If you're on MoneyWiz for Android, iOS or Windows: go to MoneyWiz Settings > SYNCbits and check if you see Sign Up/Sign In buttons or your e-mail.

  • If you're on MoneyWiz for Mac: click on SYNCbits menu bar at the top of the screen and check if you see Sign Up/Sign In buttons or your e-mail.

If you see Sign Up/Sign In buttons, you don't have a sync account. Please create one now by clicking on the Sign Up button.

If you see your e-mail, congrats! You have a sync account. Please launch MoneyWiz on all devices and check if the "Last sync time" is current on all devices. If yes -- you're good to proceed. If in doubt -- please contact us at [email protected] and we'll help!

Downloading MoneyWiz

For now, please do not remove old MoneyWiz version from your devices.

Please follow this link to download MoneyWiz 2024 on your device (depending on what device you're using when you click this link, it'll take you to the appropriate version).

After installing, please sign in to your sync account from one of the devices (see instructions here). Wait for sync to finish and check if all data migrated OK. If all went OK, feel free to sign in on the remaining devices and remove old MoneyWiz from your system.

If you noticed anything that worries you, please stop and contact us at [email protected] -- we'll get reply ASAP to help you fix the problem!

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