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Using Salt Edge Dashboard to manage your Online Banking connections
Using Salt Edge Dashboard to manage your Online Banking connections

Salt Edge Dashboard allows you to manage and review your existing Online Banking connections

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Salt Edge is one of our Online Banking partners -- that is the company that actually connects to your bank to retrieve your Online Banking information, while we download data from Salt Edge.

Some time ago Salt Edge released a Salt Edge Dashboard that you can use to manage your connections. Because sometimes we ask you to sign in there and perform some operations, we decided to write a short guide instructing you how to actually use that platform.

This guide is divided into several sections -- you can use the following table of contents to learn more about a particular topic.

Do I have a Dashboard account?

Salt Edge Dashboard account is automatically created for you as soon as you connect at least one bank from "Salt Edge Partner" provider. If you are syncing with a bank located in the European Economic Area, you most likely have a Dashboard account already. If your account is already connected, check its debug information. It'll show some numbers and text. If the text shows "Plaid", "Yodlee" or just "SaltEdge", connecting this account did not create a Dashboard account for you. If the text shows "SaltEdgePartner" -- you do have a Dashboard account. Remember -- it's sufficient to have just one Salt Edge Partner account connected to have a Dashboard account. Other connections simply would not appear in your Dashboard.

If you don't have a Dashboard account -- don't worry. It does not mean you get fewer MoneyWiz features.

Signing into the Dashboard -- what is my login and password?

When a Dashboard account is created for you, the following e-mail is sent to your SYNCbits e-mail address:


(the e-mail has a title "Salt Edge Dashboard account created" and is sent from "[email protected]")

To gain access to your Dashboard account, just click on the blue "RESET PASSWORD" button.

If you cannot find that e-mail just go to Salt Edge Dashboard login screen and find the "Forgot your password?" link. It will ask you for your e-mail -- please enter your SYNCbits e-mail address. Within few minutes, you should receive a similar e-mail with password reset instructions. Please follow those instructions to gain access to your Dashboard account (remember to check Spam/Junk folders).

Modifying my Dashboard settings (e-mail, password, etc)

After you sign in to your Dashboard account, you will be presented with a screen like this:


If you would like to review your name, e-mail, password or other settings, please click on your name in the top-right and from the drop-down menu select "Settings". You can then review your General and Security settings in the window that opens.

Remember, because Salt Edge Dashboard is a Salt Edge product, if you need further assistance with this, please contact Salt Edge directly. You can easily do this by once again clicking in the top-right then Support.

Reviewing my existing bank connections

Let's go back to the main Connections screen:


Here you can see your banks that are connected using Salt Edge Partner protocol (your other connections will not be visible here). You can click on them to review more information, like individual accounts and the account balances.

Important note: it's good to keep this list tidy and clean. If you see any connections with errors or that are old, click on them to see "Delete" button and use it. Deleting a connection from here does not delete anything in MoneyWiz -- if you by accident delete an active connection that MoneyWiz uses, MoneyWiz will just stop syncing and will require you to re-connect this account again (but no data will be lost).

Checking my banking transactions to see if any are missing or duplicated

From time to time you might experience Online Banking syncing issues, when some transactions are missing from MoneyWiz or are duplicated. In those cases, the first step towards a quick resolution is identifying where the problem lies: did Salt Edge fail to import those transactions (or caused duplicate transactions) or did MoneyWiz fail to retrieve correct information from Salt Edge?

A quick way of verifying this is checking whether your Salt Edge Dashboard lists the transactions you are missing from MoneyWiz. You can do this by going to Connections screen > clicking on your bank > clicking on the respective account. You'll then be presented with a list of transactions. Please check if the transactions that are missing from MoneyWiz appear here.

  • If yes: please try refreshing your account in MoneyWiz once more. If they still don't appear, please contact us.

  • If not: please contact us so we can report this to Salt Edge team.

In both cases, please share your findings with us -- this will greatly improve the resolution time!

Whoa -- all my transactions are listed here! Can you see them too?

Yes, our team can see your Salt Edge Partner account balances or transactions like you do on Salt Edge Dashboard. This has been recently allowed by the provider so that we could solve the problems and investigate issues faster. But we don't see your real online-banking balances or transactions (on the bank web-site), thus we can't compare in real-time. That's why your help in checking whether Salt Edge synced your transactions correctly is so helpful in troubleshooting Online Banking syncing problems.

Connecting new accounts using the Dashboard

Did you know that you can connect your accounts not only using MoneyWiz but also using Salt Edge Dashboard? While usually it's just a "did-you-know" tip without any significance, in some situations it might help you avoid some errors during connection -- such as "Session expired". If you are suffering from this error, please connect your bank using Dashboard -- here's how.

First, go back to the Connections screen and check if you have any old, failed connections there. If yes -- please click on them to reveal the Delete button and then go ahead to delete them.

Next, click on the blue "Connect Bank" button below your name in the top-right corner of the screen. You'll be asked which partner to share your data with -- make sure MoneyWiz is selected and click Proceed.

A new window should open where you can type the name of your bank to locate it on the list. Please find your bank and proceed with the on-screen instructions.

Once you have connected your bank, it should appear in the main Connections screen of your Dashboard account. What you need to do now is go to MoneyWiz, start adding new Online Banking account and pick the same bank from the list. MoneyWiz should recognize your existing authentication and list connections to import. Just pick the account you wish to import and you're done! Note: you can refresh the account from MoneyWiz directly, there's no need to go to Dashboard website again after you connect the account.

Understanding and reviewing consents

If you are experiencing some strange problems with syncing, it's worth checking whether your consent to share data with MoneyWiz is active. To do that, switch to Partners tab in your Dashboard account. You should see MoneyWiz listed as a partner. Click on it to reveal more information.

Now you should see all the consents you have given for Salt Edge to forward data to MoneyWiz. Using the little "x" buttons next to each consent you can revoke it (meaning that MoneyWiz will no longer be able to sync your accounts). Please make sure that there are no consents missing here because if a connection is missing from here, it means MoneyWiz won't be able to refresh your accounts.

To re-introduce a missing consent, go back to Connections tab, click on a connection to reveal Share button. You'll then be asked to confirm to share this connection with MoneyWiz. Please make sure MoneyWiz option is selected and click on Proceed:


A new window will open, explaining your rights under GDPR that you need to confirm. Once that is done, you should see the following next to the bank name:


After granting consent this consent, please try syncing your account in MoneyWiz again -- you should see it syncing successfully now.

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