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How to buy and activate a MoneyWiz license?
How to buy and activate a MoneyWiz license?

Learn how to complete a purchase and how to active your new license.

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This article explains how to buy (and activate) a MoneyWiz Standard or Premium license/subscription.

MoneyWiz can be used for free but it'll impose some limits. In order to remove the limits, you need an active license. You can purchase one right from the application - just go to MoneyWiz Settings > License, pick the type of license you prefer and proceed with your purchase. Alternatively you can also purchase a license from our store.

When purchasing, please use your main e-mail as the billing e-mail. Later, if you decide to use MoneyWiz Cloud to sync your data, please use the same e-mail as your login so MoneyWiz can automatically activate your license for you!

Once you make a purchase, your license needs to be activated. There are a couple of things to note:

  • To activate a purchased license, go to MoneyWiz Settings > License > Restore purchases. If you have received an activation code via e-mail, enter it when prompted. If you purchased the license via Apple or Google App Store, MoneyWiz will locate the license automatically upon clicking on Restore Purchases.

  • If you have purchased MoneyWiz Premium, you need just one license and you need to activate it on just one device. It'll sync to other devices via your sync account.

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