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Importing from new Jumsoft Money to MoneyWiz
Importing from new Jumsoft Money to MoneyWiz
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Importing your data from Jumsoft Money to MoneyWiz is easy. We have a lot of clients coming from Jumsoft Money and the import works well for them. Jumsoft Money can export accounts to a CSV format. MoneyWiz does support import from this file type.


Before starting to export your accounts, please take a note of their Opening Balance. You would need this information when creating your account in MoneyWiz. For the accounts to come up with the right balance after the import they need to have their Opening Balance set as of the date of the first transaction that you will be importing.

Please note that if you don’t import all accounts, the other accounts might not come up with the correct balances, because of the transfers between them and the accounts you haven’t imported.

Exporting from your current application

First select the Account you want to export, from the left hand side panel. Then:

  1. Go to File -> Export.

  2. Enter file name and choose location. You can choose any location you prefer. Usually the easiest thing to do is to save the file to the Desktop.

  3. The previous version of Jumsoft Money also supported QIF export. Sadly, it seems to have been discontinued in the new version in favor of CSV format. This is also supported by MoneyWiz, although it doesn’t carry as much information as the QIF carried in the previous version. For example, the transfers between your accounts will be indicated in the file as credits and debits, and this is how they will be imported to MoneyWiz.

  4. Click “Save” and that’s it. All of your transaction along with the categories, and the payees will be exported for the account you selected to export.

Now you need to repeat this for each of your accounts.

Importing to MoneyWiz

It is important to note that Jumsoft Money exports the Opening Balance in the CSV file as a simple Income or Expense transaction, depending on whether the initial balance has been positive or negative. MoneyWiz will import this transaction as an income/expense respectively.

Now, if you create your accounts in MoneyWiz with Starting Balance of zero, all accounts will come up with the correct balance. However, please note that the Initial Balance transaction will be considered in the reports, so your expenses/incomes would appear more or less then they actually are.

The better solution would be to create the accounts in MoneyWiz with the accurate Opening Balance, import the CSV file from Jumsoft Money and then delete the imported Opening Balance entries from all accounts. They would be the first transaction on each account. You can also use the search box to search for “Starting Balance” (without the quotes) and choose to see result from all accounts (with the arrow in the search box or the “eye” on Accounts). With the mass edit functionality of MoneyWiz for Mac or Windows you can select all such entries and delete them at once.

Review the Import OFX, QFX, QIF, CSV and MT940 files from banks or other applications guide to see how to set up MoneyWiz before you import your data to MoneyWiz.

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