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Help! I have forgotten my sync (MoneyWiz Cloud by SYNCbits) syncing password!
Help! I have forgotten my sync (MoneyWiz Cloud by SYNCbits) syncing password!

If you cannot remember your sync password and can't sign in to your sync account, please check what to do next.

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If you've forgotten your SYNCbits password, you can reset it at the SYNCbits portal here:

The reset process involves entering your security answers that you setup when creating your MoneyWiz Cloud (by SYNCbits) account. Due to security measures we have put in place, we are unable to reset your password if you have forgotten your security answers. Please note that security answers are case-sensitive so Abcd would be different from abcd.

If you are still unable to access your account please contact us via e-mail noting on which device you’ve been using MoneyWiz most recently and whether you are still signed in to your account there. Do not reinstall MoneyWiz until you hear back from us. We will be able to help you extract your password from your local MoneyWiz database which is preserved as long as you don't delete MoneyWiz.

While we understand that the above might not help all customers who have forgotten both security questions as well as reinstalled MoneyWiz on all devices, please note that we treat the security and privacy of your data very seriously.

  • We cannot ask you for the date or amount of last transaction to verify your identity as your data is encrypted - without your password, we cannot see what's inside.

  • We can't ask for your name or any form of ID as we don't require it when creating your sync account - some customers might feel uncomfortable if we were doing this.

For those reasons, there are only two possible solutions to reset your password - both outlined above. We cannot reset your account based just on your written request - anyone could do that in your name and your data would be compromised as a result.

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