MoneyWiz does not require robust or newest hardware but due to certain features of the operating system we might be using, MoneyWiz might not run the same on all versions of your operating system. This article outlines the minimum version of operating system you need to have installed in order for MoneyWiz to run smoothly.


  • Because we continuously release updates to MoneyWiz, we might be forced to drop support for an older operating system from time to time. It’s not a decision we make carelessly – it’s always preceded by a careful consideration of whether we really need to do this, how many users are using a particular OS, etc. Nevertheless, this does happen from time to time. We are unable to inform customers of this ahead of time personally so please frequently check this website if you’re using an older OS version on your device.

  • If you don’t update neither MoneyWiz, nor your OS, MoneyWiz will potentially work forever but you leave yourself exposed to potential bugs or security issues. If you update one (MoneyWiz/OS) but not the other, something might break. Therefore we recommend that you keep your devices up to-date at all times, both in terms of MoneyWiz and OS version. For this reason, we cannot guarantee an older version of MoneyWiz working on newer OS.

Minimum Operating System version by platform

Rule of thumb: MoneyWiz runs best on the current official release of a particular operating system.

MoneyWiz 2022 and newer

  • iOS/iPadOS: version 13 and newer.

  • macOS: version 10.15 and newer.

Please note that MoneyWiz 2022 is not available for Android or Windows platforms at this time. We hope this will change in the future but there's no estimate release date for those versions.

MoneyWiz 3

  • iOS: version 11 and newer.

  • Android: version 6 (Marshmallow) and newer.

  • macOS: version 10.13 (High Sierra) and newer.

  • Windows: version 7, 8 and 10 (version 7 requires Service Pack 1 to be installed).

Other notes

  • We do not distribute APK files of MoneyWiz for Android. Please obtain the app from Google Play Store.

  • MoneyWiz for Android is not currently optimised for tablets (design-wise).

  • MoneyWiz for Android can be run on a computer that can run Android apps from Google Play Store (such as Chromebook).

  • MoneyWiz can be installed on Amazon Fire tablets only if you have access to Google Play Store on it. MoneyWiz is not listed on Amazon App Store at this time.

  • MoneyWiz can run on any iOS device: iPhone, iPad and iPod (provided it complies with minimum iOS version listed above).

  • MoneyWiz can run on Windows Surface Pro (it needs to be able to run standard Windows apps).

  • Windows Phone is not supported at this time.

  • Linux is not supported although some customers have had some limited luck running it via Wine. Please note that this is not officially supported – we cannot assist with this process and we cannot guarantee data safety and integrity.

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