We’re happy to announce that MoneyWiz Premium subscription is available via Setapp subscription service! Here’s a rundown of some information you might find useful.

What does Setapp version of MoneyWiz include?

Setapp version of MoneyWiz gives you the right to use MoneyWiz 3 Premium on your Mac with unlimited Online Banking feature for no additional cost – it’s all included in your Setapp subscription!

This means that you can use MoneyWiz 3 on your Mac with no limits. You can use SYNCbits syncing service to sync data to other devices and you can use Online Banking service to sync data with your banks!

What about other non-Mac devices?

Starting with Setapp MoneyWiz 3.0.2, your Setapp subscription will also unlock MoneyWiz Premium on all other platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)! We’re thrilled to introduce this change that will surely make a lot of our and Setapp customers happy. 🙂

Please make sure you’re running 3.0.2 version of MoneyWiz via Setapp to have it upload necessary information to SYNCbits – from where other devices will download subscription information.

What about newer MoneyWiz versions?

At this time, your Setapp subscription unlocks only MoneyWiz 3. MoneyWiz 2022 and newer versions are not available through Setapp subscription for the time being.

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