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MoneyWiz and Setapp partnership (UPD 2024!)
MoneyWiz and Setapp partnership (UPD 2024!)

Do you have Setapp subscription? If yes, you have access to the newest MoneyWiz 2024!

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Written by Iliya Yordanov
Updated over a week ago

We’re happy to announce that MoneyWiz 2024 subscription is available via Setapp subscription service! Here’s a rundown of some information you might find useful.

What does Setapp version of MoneyWiz include?

Setapp version of MoneyWiz gives you the right to use MoneyWiz Premium on your Mac & iOS with Online Banking feature for no additional cost – it’s all included in your Setapp subscription!

This means that you can use MoneyWiz 2024 on your Apple devices with only one limit: you can only have online-banking connection via a single provider: Plaid (which is basically for the USA and Canada, SaltEdge (non EU) or SaltEdge Partner (EU & EEA connections). You can use MoneyWiz account syncing service to sync data to other Apple devices and you can use Online Banking service to sync data with your banks!

P.S. Of course you can still connect several providers at a time if you switch to non-setapp Premium subscription in MoneyWiz 2024 which you probably used before our thrilling new cooperation :)

What about previous MoneyWiz 3?

At this time, our new Setapp subscription already covers the newest MoneyWiz 2024 while MoneyWiz 3 for Setapp will no longer be supported and will soon be removed from Setapp.

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