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Importing from Quicken for Windows to MoneyWiz
Importing from Quicken for Windows to MoneyWiz
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Importing your data from Quicken for Windows to MoneyWiz is easy. We have a lot of clients coming from Quicken for Windows and the import works well for them. Quicken for Windows can export accounts to QIF format. MoneyWiz not only supports import from this file type, it will import the transfers between your accounts as well as split payments you may have on your accounts, payees and categories.


Before starting to export your accounts, please take a note of their Opening Balance. You would need this information when creating your account in MoneyWiz. For the accounts to come up with the right balance after the import they need to have their Opening Balance set as of the date of the first transaction that you will be importing.

Please note that if you don’t import all accounts, the other accounts might not come up with the correct balances, because of the transfers between them and the accounts you haven’t imported.

Exporting from your current application

  1. Go to File > Export > QIF File.

  2. Choose a name of the file and saving Location. You can choose any location that you would like. Usually the easiest thing to do is to save it to the Desktop.

  3. Select account to Export, Date Range, and what to be exported. No need to browse for a file to save to. This would be the file you chose to create in the previous step.

  4. Choose the account you want to export data for (in Quicken 2018, you should be able to export all accounts at once). Select the account that you want to export first. Make sure that you are exporting the same account as the one that you named the file after.

  5. Select the Date range. You can choose to export your truncation from the very opening of the account or for a shorter period. It is better if you export for the whole period for which you have data. Note that if you are going to export an account for a shorter period than the available in Quicken, you would need to see your Running Balance for the start date of the export, and use this as the Opening Balance. By exporting for a shorter period of time, note that some transfers that are from or to other accounts, may not be exported and as a result your accounts in MoneyWiz will not come up with the correct balance and you would need to adjust it.

  6. Select what to export: Choose the following check-boxes:

  • Transactions

  • Category List

  • Memorized Payees

There’s no need to check any other boxes.

Click OK and that’s it. The selected accounts’ transactions, along with their categories and payees will be exported to the QIF file.

Now you need to repeat this for each of your accounts. Once you have all files, you can start with importing them to MoneyWiz.

Importing to MoneyWiz

Review the Import OFX, QFX, QIF, CSV and MT940 files from banks or other applications guide to see how to set up MoneyWiz before you import your data to MoneyWiz.

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