"24-06-2015","ABC DEF, and 123","CR","1.23"
"24-06-2015","Alpha Beta and Zeta","DB","5.89"

Notice how the Amount column contains absolute values – there are no plus or minus signs. The only way to distinguish between incomes and expenses is to look at the Transaction column and know what bank considers Credit and what they consider Debit. MoneyWiz does not support this syntax.

You can fix it easily in Excel/Numbers by creating a new column (“New Amount”) and set up a formula like this:



  • C2 is the column where it says either CR or DB (we assume here that Debit is an expense)
  • D2 is the column with the amounts

If you drag this formula all the way down to all of your transactions, it will place a minus sign in the rows where it says DB – meaning it will add minuses to amounts for expenses. If F2 says something else, it’ll copy the amounts as they are (and because they’ll be without minuses, MoneyWiz will treat them as incomes).


If you receive a syntax error while using this formula, make sure that thousands/decimal separators in the Amount column are consistent with the regional settings on your device. You can also check the formulas documentation for the IF function in your application.

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