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How to bring up contextual menu?
How to bring up contextual menu?

Contextual menu is a shortcut to many frequently used actions.

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Many actions can be performed faster using contextual menus. This article explains how to make them appear.

If you are using a Mac, you need to right-click to show the contextual menu.

If nothing happens when you right-click, you probably have it disabled. You can either enable right-click on your Mac (click on Apple logo in the top-left, go to System Preferences > and switch to either Trackpad or Mouse, depending on what you're using, then find "Secondary click" option) or temporarily hold control key on your keyboard before you left-click.

If you are using iOS or iPadOS, you can bring up the contextual menu by performing a long-press on an object.

Contextual menus are available throughout the app -- when performed on an account for example, you'll be able to perform actions related to accounts: create transactions, edit or delete the account, etc.

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