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How to access Online Banking debug information?
How to access Online Banking debug information?

In case we need to look into an Online Banking problem for you, we'll need this information.

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When looking into Online Banking connectivity, download or balance problems, we need something we call Online Banking debug information. This allows us to securely and privately locate the exact connection you're having problems with without compromising your personal information or banking credentials. This guide explains how to obtain this information.

Important! Please do not send us screenshots of the debug information. Check the guide for details.

In order to obtain debug information for your account, please first open the account for edit. You should see some characters and digits below "Disconnect from Online Banking" button. Please do not simply send us screenshots of this window as it makes it more difficult for us to help you. Instead please click the "Copy" button visible below it to quickly copy all the information we need. Then please paste it in your reply to us.

Remember - if you're sending us debug information for multiple accounts, please make sure to link description of a problem with the debug information (for example: "This account does not download any transactions at all: [debug info]. This account does download transactions but the final balance is incorrect: [debug info]").

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