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What are Scheduled transactions? How can I use them?
What are Scheduled transactions? How can I use them?

Scheduled transactions are templates that produce new transactions on a given date and time.

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Scheduled transactions are basically transaction templates that can either be executed when you click on them or be executed automatically on a given date and time. These allow you to stop worrying about recurring transactions such as your income, bills, rent or even transfers to saving accounts. Here you can learn how to create, edit, duplicate or delete them.

They are extremely useful if you don't use our automatic Online Banking feature and are entering transactions manually - if those transactions happen regularly, you can schedule them and have MoneyWiz enter them for you! Remember that Scheduled transactions do not need to be recurring - you can also use them to schedule one-off transactions or transactions that do repeat, but only for a finite amount of time.

But even if you're using Online Banking feature to automatically download transactions you can benefit from setting up your Scheduled transactions. They will provide you with great forecasting insights and allow you to see how your balance would look like if all Scheduled transactions were executed today.

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