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Creating an Online Banking account
Creating an Online Banking account

Online Banking accounts download new transactions from your banks automatically.

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Before you can get to this step, you need to start creating an account.

Online Banking is a feature that allows you to connect to your bank and automatically download transactions so you don't need to enter them manually. You can have MoneyWiz download past transactions just once and then let you manage the account manually from that point on, or keep a constant connection with your bank and download transactions as they happen. Remember, you can always modify or delete transactions that get downloaded, as well as create manual transactions in an Online Banking account.

If you have chosen the auto-sync account mode, the following will happen but depending on which Online Banking Provider you have selected, it might happen in different order:

  • MoneyWiz will check if you are signed into a SYNCbits account (it is mandatory for Online Banking sync) and whether you have an active MoneyWiz Premium license (MoneyWiz Standard license does not include Online Banking sync),

  • MoneyWiz will ask you if you want to perform a one-time import (MoneyWiz will create your accounts, import past transactions and then disconnect from Online Banking) or maintain continuous connection to your bank and download transactions as they happen.

  • MoneyWiz will show you a list of banks you can connect to.

After selecting bank from the list, please follow the on-screen instructions. You might be also interested in:

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