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How to save a report for later use?
How to save a report for later use?

If you generate a report frequently, save it!

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There might be some reports that you like to generate regularly. Choosing the same report configuration over and over might become inconvenient quickly, which is why MoneyWiz allows you to save reports so that you can re-generate them later with a single click.

Once you've generated a report you want to save for later, look for the Save report button and then click Save locally. You will be asked to give a name for that report.

Once a report is saved locally, it'll sync to other devices as well via MoneyWiz Cloud, allowing you to re-generate it from any other device. Saved reports are listed in the Saved reports tab. Please note that it is not currently possible to edit saved reports or re-arrange them. To do that, you'd need to save the report again and delete the old one.

An important note about the report periods. When generating a report, you're being offered a couple of periods such as Last Month. If you save a report with such period, each time you generate it, it'll be generated for literally last month - if you first created the report in February, it'd show January. But if you'd later re-generate it in May, it'd show you April. If you don't want this to happen and prefer that this report constantly shows the same period over and over, use the Custom period and set specific date range.

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