Before you can get to this step, you need to start creating an account.

If you have chosen the manual account mode, you'll now be asked to select the account type:

  • Checking account (Banking) - use this for your daily checking/banking accounts or when in doubt which account to select,

  • Credit account - use this for credit card accounts,

  • Savings account - use this for regular saving accounts (non-investment),

  • Loan account - use this for your mortgages, car loans and other accounts with an APR and monthly repayments,

  • Cash/Wallet accounts - use this for money you carry in your wallet or purse,

  • Investment account - use this for tracking your holdings and assets,

  • Forex/Crypto account - use this for tracking your forex and crypto currency holdings and trades.

Some accounts have more detailed overview - use the links above to check them out.

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