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How to fix "You have already used these credentials with this provider" error?
How to fix "You have already used these credentials with this provider" error?

This error appears if something prevented you from successfully establishing an Online Banking connection to this bank last time.

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When you connect to your bank in MoneyWiz, the application forwards your authentication request to Salt Edge (one of our Online Banking integration partners) so it can connect to your bank. In case this connection gets somehow broken (you disconnect the account, encounter a network error, etc) and you try to connect again, you might encounter an "You have already used these credentials with this provider" error. Don't worry, it's an easy one to fix.

Solution 1: check if your bank is PSD2-ready (recommended)

PSD2/Open Banking are new laws that force European banks to make it possible for third-parties to extract banking data (with your permission of course) so you can decide how you want to view it. The error we're discussing in this article only happens in non-PSD2 connections so you should check if your bank is already available using the new protocol and if yes -- connect to it instead.

Solution 2: delete old connection to make room for new one

In case your bank is not PSD2-ready (e.g. it is based outside of Europe), you should simply delete the old connection and try again. There are two ways of doing this. To check which one applies to you, please search your e-mail inbox (also spam and trash folders) for an e-mail titled "Salt Edge Dashboard account created".

  • If you cannot find it and you are sure that you never received such message, please contact us via e-mail so we can help you directly.

  • If you do recall seeing this e-mail, it means that you have a Salt Edge Dashboard account that you can use to manage your Online Banking connections. Please proceed to the next step to learn how to access and use it to reset your connections.

  • If you are not sure whether you have that account or not, please try to perform next steps to reset the password for your Salt Edge Dashboard account. If the password reset e-mail doesn't arrive, it means you don't have that account.

On technical note: Salt Edge Dashboard accounts are automatically created if you try to connect at least one bank which displays "SaltEdgePartner" below the bank name in MoneyWiz list of banks. It is not created for connections via "Yodlee" or just "SaltEdge".

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail if you are not sure about any of this. We'll be happy to help!

To begin, sign in to your Salt Edge Dashboard account (your e-mail/login will be the same as your SYNCbits e-mail; if you cannot recall your password, you can reset it here) to see your existing connections:


Click on the connection that is causing trouble and then find the "Delete" button:


Once the connection is deleted, you can attempt to make a new one by connecting to this bank in MoneyWiz once more.

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