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How to sign in to a MoneyWiz Cloud account?
How to sign in to a MoneyWiz Cloud account?

Make sure to sign in to your sync account on all devices to ensure seamless, automatic sync of data.

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Once you've created your MoneyWiz Cloud account from one device, you should now sign into it using all other devices. To do this, first you need to enter MoneyWiz Cloud section of the application. It's possible in one of the two following ways:

  • click on the round avatar icon at the top or

  • go to MoneyWiz Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the menu and then click on the first section that invites you to sign up for a MoneyWiz Cloud account.

Once there, click on Sign In and enter your credentials. MoneyWiz will begin to download your data from MoneyWiz Cloud. You should keep MoneyWiz running during this process - it will go from stages 1/5 to 5/5, with 3/5 stage being most time-consuming on large databases. If your database contains a lot of data, it might go faster if you plug your device to a charger so the device can assign more computing power to MoneyWiz process.

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