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How to export a report to PDF or CSV?
How to export a report to PDF or CSV?

Take your report with you.

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Sometimes you need to manipulate the report generated in MoneyWiz further than what MoneyWiz allows - that's where the versatile CSV export comes in. You'll be able to manipulate it in Excel or Numbers or OpenOffice/LibreOffice package. There are also times when you need to show a report to someone or print it out - that's when PDF export comes in!

To export a report into one of those formats, click on Save report. From the list of options select Export and then choose a format - CSV or PDF. CSV allows some modifications regarding the date format and encoding - when in doubt, just leave it as it is.

Remember - the exported report will look like the report in MoneyWiz. If you have some rows collapsed (i.e. transactions are collapsed and not visible), you won't see them in the exported report. To see all transactions, make sure to click on Expand all button.

Please note: it's not currently possible to export Spreadsheet-type reports to PDF.

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