Duplicating Scheduled transactions allow you to quickly create a copy of what you're looking at and either leave it as an identical copy or introduce some small changes.

In order to duplicate Scheduled transactions, please first switch to Scheduled transactions section: click on the calendar icon in the menu.

Please note that it is not possible to duplicate a Scheduled transaction simply by duplicating the transaction it produces. Scheduled transactions are like templates that create a copy of themselves when the time is due. Once the copy is produced, the created transaction is not aware that it was created by a Scheduled transaction and therefore is completely separate from it.

Once you've switched to Scheduled transactions section, notice that your transactions are listed as little squares below the calendar. To duplicate one of the Scheduled transactions you see, left-click on the box once and select Duplicate from the contextual menu that appears.

You'll see a transaction entry window with details already filled out from the original. You can make some changes or leave it as it is. Remember - because this is a brand new transaction, the Start date will be the real start date of this new transaction so make sure to set it to the next occurrence of this duplicate.

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