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What account properties can I modify?
What account properties can I modify?

Each account has many properties that make it unique.

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When creating or editing an account, you can set and change various account properties and settings. This guide will explain what are they and where to find them.

The account properties window has two tabs (Basic and Advanced) that you can switch between either by swiping to the left and right or by simply clicking on the tabs on top.


  • Account name - your name for the account, allowing you to easily distinguish it from other accounts,

  • Icon - select from a variety of icons to change the default one.

  • Opening balance - the starting balance of the account (before first transaction happened). Your closing balance depends on the opening balance of the account and transaction stored in it.

  • Account currency (displayed next to Opening balance) - click to pick from enabled currencies. Don't see yours? Make sure to enable your currencies in MoneyWiz Settings -> Currencies before trying to change them here.

  • Auto-clear transactions - if checked (it is checked by default), new transactions that you create in this account will be cleared automatically. Change this setting if you wish for new transactions to be created (arrive) as pending transactions.

  • Connect to Online Banking or Disconnect from Online Banking - this button allows you to connect or disconnect an account from Online Banking respectively (it is only visible when editing an existing account). You can learn more here.


  • Additional information - any text-based information you might to add, such as the daily or weekly limits, contact information to your bank and so on.

  • Checkbook Register - enable this if this account is used to write checks. More information.

  • Include in Net Worth - if enabled, this account balance will affect the total Net Worth calculation. If disabled, this account balance will be excluded from Net Worth calculation.

  • Put in Group - allows you to put your account in an account group, keeping your accounts list organized. More information.

  • Monitored by Budgets - if you have some budgets created already, you'll be able to edit which budgets monitor this account.

If your account is also connected to Online Banking, you'll see switches that are described here.

Some accounts have slightly different properties - they are explained in more detail in their respective guides.

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