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How to revert (undo) a change made to my data?
How to revert (undo) a change made to my data?

Clicked one button too many? Stop what you're doing, quit MoneyWiz and read this!

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What to do if you have deleted an account and that caused problems or made some other change that you'd like to revert?

It is not currently possible to revert a change to your data. MoneyWiz does not have an "undo" feature and your SYNCbits account holds just one instance of your data - the current one. We cannot revert to an earlier version. But that doesn't mean you're out of options. Read on to learn what you can do.

Step 1 - quit MoneyWiz on all devices

When we read customer messages describing some incidents, we sometimes read that users "launch the app on other devices to check if the changes have populated there as well". Don't do this! If everything works as it should, those changes will get populated on other devices - if we can prevent this from happening, we have a database file we can use to restore your data! By launching the application on other devices, you take away this solution from yourself.

Another reason for this is that MoneyWiz for Desktop features automatic backup of your database - it has to be enabled first but even if enabled, it keeps just a certain number of previous backup files. If you keep launching and quitting MoneyWiz on your device, you are overwriting the previous backup files with the current backup - which is of no use due to the incident.

To sum up: if something happened, please quit the application on all devices and do not launch it for now. If possible, get one or more devices offline so that background sync does not work either.

Step 2 - check for backups

Think if you have any backup solutions enabled (some say that there are two types of people: those who backup and those who will backup). If you remember enabling Time Machine (Mac) or iCloud (iOS) backups, please try to secure them or at least identify them.

Step 3 - contact us

Please write to [email protected] calmly describing the situation:

  • what happened and on which device,

  • are you using MoneyWiz on other devices? If yes - did you manage to quit the application on them in time?

  • do you have any other backups of your data, such as Time Machine on Mac?

We'll do our best to assist you in restoring your previous copy of data.

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