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How to perform a detailed yearly financial analysis?
How to perform a detailed yearly financial analysis?

Learn how to use powerful Profit and Loss report to get a birds-eye view of your finances over a longer term.

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If you need to perform some year-end analysis of your finances - perhaps to share with your accountant - don't worry. MoneyWiz can help!

To begin, switch to Reports section and navigate to the bottom, to the "Other" section. From there, pick the Profit & Loss report. Fill out the necessary information - do you wish to generate the report for specific categories only (perhaps business-related) or all? If you wish to exclude some accounts from the report, you can use the "Add filter" button.

Once generated, you'll see a sum of all expense categories and a sum of all income categories as well as a grand total below. You can then export this report to show it to your accountant if needed.

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