How to filter transactions?

Learn how to hide some transactions and how this can affect your account balance.

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By filtering transactions, you can control which transactions are visible in your Account register. Some of those operations also affect the account balance you see.

In order to filter transactions, please click on the Filters/Sort button in the search box:

You will be presented with a palette of combined filtering and sorting options. Sorting is described in more detail in this article and grouping setting here.

Once that view is opened, you can adjust your filters by:

  • Status: control which transaction statues you'll be seeing. Please note that this setting affects the account balance -- only visible transactions will be included in the balance. Cleared (represented by green dot in some places): show cleared transactions only. Pending (represented by red dot in some places): show cleared and pending transactions. Forecast (represented by grey dot in some places): show cleared, pending and Scheduled transactions for the next 30 days.

  • Type: control which transaction types are visible. This setting does not affect account balance. Incomes: show incomes. Expenses: show expenses. Transfers: show transfers. Refunds: show refunds. All: reset the filter to display all types of transactions.

  • Period: control what period of transaction history should be visible. This setting does not affect account balance.

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