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How to enable, disable and manage currencies?
How to enable, disable and manage currencies?

Learn how to change the default list of currencies to leave only the ones you regularly use.

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MoneyWiz has support for all world currencies and a hundreds of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. By default only a few currencies are enabled so that you do not go through a pile of them when registering a transaction. However, you can enable additional ones at any time. This guide contains guidance on how to enable additional currencies for you to use.

To begin go to MoneyWiz Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the menu. Once you've opened the Settings window, navigate to Currencies tab.

The first thing you might notice is the setting for "Show currency sign, instead of currency code". What it does is that in places where currency is displayed, you might decide between $ and USD.

Further down you can switch between Fiat currencies (national currencies) and Crypto currencies (only traded online). The search bar allows you to search for a particular currency. Put a tick in a check box to enable a currency or remove it to disable it.

If you wish to change your local currency (the currency that your Net Worth is displayed in and multi-currency reports are generated in), just click on a currency to select it and then click Select Local Currency near the bottom of the window.

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