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How to delete a budget or budget group?
How to delete a budget or budget group?

Deleting a budget or group does not delete any transactions.

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Deleting a budget or the entire group is very easy. A couple of notes:

  • deleting a budget does not delete transactions visible inside,

  • deleting a budget group does not delete the budgets that are stored inside -- they'll simply be placed outside the group.

To delete a budget or budget group, please first switch to the Budgets section of MoneyWiz by clicking on the coins button in the menu. Then:

  • swipe left on the budget (group) name in the sidebar and select "Delete",

  • enter budget list edit mode by clicking on the Edit button at the bottom of the budgets list, click on the (-) delete button that appears on the left and confirm by clicking on the "Delete" on the right,

  • bring up the contextual menu and select Delete.

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