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How can I revert / downgrade my MoneyWiz Cloud by SYNCbits account to an older version?
How can I revert / downgrade my MoneyWiz Cloud by SYNCbits account to an older version?

Using your sync account with a newer version of MoneyWiz will upgrade the sync version. Learn how to return to old version of MoneyWiz.

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If you are using MoneyWiz 3 and want to go back to MoneyWiz 2 or MoneyWiz 1, you would need to revert/downgrade your MoneyWiz Cloud account. Before you begin, remember to completely quit the new version of MoneyWiz you don't want to use (e.g. MoneyWiz 3).

To do that, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the MoneyWiz Cloud by SYNCbits portal at

  2. You will see the list of apps where you use MoneyWiz Cloud. MoneyWiz must be among them. In the column Sync version it will either show the version (like 3, 2 etc) or N/A. If it shows N/A then your sync account can currently be used in any version of MoneyWiz. If it shows a number, you will also see a button "Revert SYNCbits to older version". Click on that button once and wait until the page reloads and you see your new sync version. Again, if it shows N/A then you can sync with any version of MoneyWiz.

  3. After clicking the "Revert SYNCbits to older version" button, you should see that the sync version decreased. So if it became from 3 to 2, then it means you can use MoneyWiz 2 with this sync account now. If you experience any issues in the process just e-mail us at [email protected] for assistance.

Remember that if you still have higher version of MoneyWiz installed (i.e. you have MoneyWiz 3 installed but want to use MoneyWiz 2), as soon as you launch the newer version, your account will be upgraded again, meaning you have to repeat those steps. You should remove the newer version from your devices and only use the version you wish to use.

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