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How to check how much I have spent on a holiday?
How to check how much I have spent on a holiday?

Learn how to use transaction tags to differentiate between transactions in same category that have different context.

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Using tags you can easily check how much you've spent on a holiday in total. The same is also possible without the use of tags but we recommend using them as it is not difficult and will increase your overall MoneyWiz expertise.

As you make expenses for your trip (even for those in advance), make sure to enable tags and use them. Pick one tag for the trip - for example "Honeymoon in Paris" - and use it consistently for all transactions.

Once you've tagged all transactions, just head over to Reports section, scroll down to Categories group and generate "Compare Expense Categories" report. You can select all categories. The trick is to use the Add filter button and add a tags filter - select your "Honeymoon in Paris" tag and generate the report.

Now you can see how much you've spent during the trip overall and also how do your expense categories compare. For example, maybe you'll be surprised to see that "Eating out" category accounted to around 40% of all your expenses! But that's a honeymoon after all...

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