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How to archive an old, unused account?
How to archive an old, unused account?

If you have an old account, you can archive it instead of deleting. This helps to preserve transactions for future reference!

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If you create new bank account, you might want to reflect this in MoneyWiz. Given that the old account is not needed anymore, you might want to delete the old account.

In most cases you do not want to delete that old account!

Deleting an account would delete all account-related objects, like transactions stored in side. This includes transfer transactions that would be deleted from both accounts, affecting your other accounts' balances.

Instead of deleting old accounts, we recommend archiving an account. You can do this in two ways:

  • swipe left on the account and select "Archive",

  • bring up the contextual menu for that account and select "Archive".

The account will disappear from the list of accounts and you'll be informed that you can restore the account from Settings > Archived accounts.

At any time you can visit Settings > Archived accounts and click on the archived account to decide what to do with it: restore or delete.

Please note that archived accounts are still included in Net Worth by default, unless you explicitly disable this setting. If you've already archived the account, you'll need to temporarily restore it to modify this attribute.

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