Adjusting account balance will add an expense or an income to your account, depending on what amount you wish to adjust the balance for. This means that if the desired account balance is lower than your current balance, MoneyWiz will add an expense to compensate the difference. The adjust balance transaction that will appear cannot be categorized, tagged or modified (although it can be deleted at any time) so whenever possible, you might want to add regular transactions instead.

To adjust balance, start creating new transaction and select "Adjust balance" from the tabs on top.

In the window that opens, enter the desired account balance that MoneyWiz should set for this account - remember that the new balance can be either positive or negative. If needed, you can also add some description to the adjustment. Please note that it is not currently possible to set a date and time for the adjustment - it will always be created with the current date and time.

Once created, adjust balance transactions cannot be modified or moved to a different account - but they can be deleted, just like any transaction.

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