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How to create transactions in an Online Banking account?
How to create transactions in an Online Banking account?

Just because Online Banking accounts download transactions automatically, doesn't mean you can't create some transactions manually!

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Accounts connected to Online Banking will regularly sync transactions automatically from your bank or institution. However, there might be a time when you wish to create transactions manually.

What happens if I manually create a transaction and it arrives via Online Banking later?

When downloading transactions from Online Banking, MoneyWiz looks for possible duplicates. It does that by searching for transactions that meet both of the following conditions:

  1. transaction amount is exactly the same,

  2. transaction date is within 3 days range (either way, to account for weekends).

If MoneyWiz finds a match, it will not download the transaction from Online Banking but instead update the existing transaction with missing information (it there is any). If MoneyWiz does not find a match, it'll download the transaction coming from your bank.

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