There are two ways to create transaction categories: while creating transactions and inside MoneyWiz Settings.

During transaction creation

This method is quick and easy but you can't choose too many details of the category (but you can easily modify it later). To begin, start creating new transaction or modifying an existing one and then click on Category field. Type in the search bar the name of the category - if it doesn't exist, MoneyWiz will present you with an option to create it. It'll be created with default icon and placed as the main category. You can change the details of it later.

In MoneyWiz Settings

This allows you more control over all the small details. To create new transaction categories, first go to MoneyWiz Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the menu. Once you're in Settings view, click on Categories option.

To start creating a new category, use the + button in the top-right. Remember, expense and income categories are separate so if you need to create an income category, first use the tabs on top to switch to income categories. You'll be asked for:

  • The category name: anything that is useful for you in recognizing the transaction.
  • Whether it's a subcategory of something: if no (if it should be a main category), leave this empty. But if this should be a sub-(or sub-sub-sub?) category of something, click on this button and select the main category. If while clicking New category you had some category selected on the list, MoneyWiz would automatically select that category as the main one for you.
  • Category color: only if you have colorful categories enabled in transaction layout settings.
  • Category icon: pick one from the available ones. It is not currently possible to use custom icons for categories.
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