MoneyWiz allows you to easily delete existing categories. What's even better, MoneyWiz will first check if that category is completely unused (in that case, it'll just ask you if you are sure you wish to delete the category) or if perhaps it's already used in some transactions (in that case, it'll offer you to merge the category with another one before deletion). Read on to learn how to do this.

To delete transaction categories, first go to MoneyWiz Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the menu. Once you're in Settings, switch to Categories.

To delete a category, click on the red (-) delete button on the left and confirm by clicking on the Delete button on the right. Depending on whether the category is used in at least one transaction (at least one transaction has been assigned this category), MoneyWiz will do one of the following:

  • ask you whether you are sure to delete you wish to delete it. If you see this, this category does not have any transactions associated with it and it's safe to delete.
  • offer you to merge it before deletion. If you see this, there is at least one transaction that is using this category.

If you keep "Delete category" selected and click Done, MoneyWiz delete the category and remove this category from the transactions it's being used at (making them uncategorized).

If you select "Merge & Delete", MoneyWiz allow you to pick another category from the list. Any transactions that are using the category you're about to delete will be re-categorized to the category you've selected before the category is deleted.

If you need to merge the category you're deleting with a category that does not yet exist, don't delete it! Simply edit the existing category to change its name, icon and more.

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