MoneyWiz allows you to modify the window that appears when you begin adding new transaction. For example, you can hide the Currency switcher if all your accounts are in the same currency. This also allows you to enable check field, tags, attach image button and more. You can also re-order the fields to better match the order you're entering the data in.

In order to access Transaction layout settings, go to MoneyWiz Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the menu and then select Transaction layout.

Please note that changes you introduce here have no effect on the table view. That view has to be configured separately -- see the other guide for more details.

Re-ordering fields

Simply click and hold on the three-lines handle to the right then drag it to desired position.

Please note that the text-based field you place on top of other text-based fields (not necessarily on top) will control what information is displayed on transaction listings. More information can be found here.

What do Basic and Extended headings mean?

On the Transaction layout fields list, you'll notice that there are two headings: Basic and Extended. Any field dragged into Basic group will appear during transaction entry as you'd expect. On the other hand, any field dragged into the Extended group will be hidden until you reveal it using a button. It's very useful for fields that you don't use in every transactions (e.g. Memo field or Check number).

Description of each setting

Let's now review each setting individually and how you can change it.


Controls whether the account picker is visible. If you have just one account, you can disable it but keep it in case you have more than one account.


While you cannot hide the amount field (it's quite important one!), you can control it's behavior. For example:

  • Enter decimal sign automatically: if enabled, if you type 1234, MoneyWiz will enter 12.34 so you don't have to worry about decimals. Disable it if you don't like this behavior (you'll need to enter the decimal separator yourself).

  • Currency: allows you to disable the currency picker. If all your accounts are in the same currency, it's safe to disable this.

  • Use calculator keyboard: disabled will give you a standard num-pad for entering amounts. Entering this will switch it to a calculator-type num-pad which you can use not only to enter amounts but also to calculate them (e.g. if you bought 5 packs of cookies for the party, €1.47 each.


Description is a single-line text that describes what the transaction is about. You can disable it here. If you enable it though, you can control it using those settings:

  • Auto-fill payee and category: if you enable this, picking a Description from the list of suggestions MoneyWiz gives you during transaction entry will cause it to automatically fill payee and category fields with the ones that were used last time you used this description.

  • Capitalization: choose between Every Word, First letter and disabled settings.


Payee is the person or institution participating in your transaction. Using this setting you can disable it or configure it:

  • Auto-fill description and category: if you enable this, picking a Payee from the list of suggestions MoneyWiz gives you during transaction entry will cause it to automatically fill description and category fields with the ones that were used last time you used this payee.

  • Capitalization: choose between Every Word, First letter and disabled settings.


During transaction entry, you can categorize your transactions by giving it a relevant category, like Groceries or Gas/Petrol. This setting allows you to disable the category field completely or heavily modify it to your preferences:

  • Auto-fill description: if enabled, MoneyWiz will automatically fill your Description field with the category name in case you leave the Description field empty (will do nothing if your Description field is not empty). Disabling this disables this feature.

  • Show category icon: when enabled, MoneyWiz will show the category icon (that you can modify in Settings -> Categories, more on this here) alongside each category in all places: category lists, transaction lists, etc. If you do not like the category icons, you can hide them using this setting.

  • Category icon color style: category icons in MoneyWiz can either have just 2 colors (red and green), depending on the transaction type (expense/income), helping you to identify certain types of transactions faster, or MoneyWiz can use a wide variety of colors to describe your category icons. If you set this to Colorful, MoneyWiz will randomly colorize your category icons. You can make changes in Settings -> Categories (see more here).

Date & time

Controls whether during transaction entry you'll see the date and/or time.

Check # (Check number)

Check number cannot be enabled here. Instead, you need to enable Check book register in an account. You can use Transaction layout to reposition this field though.


Memo is similar to Description - it's for storing text-based information about a transaction. However, Description can only fit a single line of text. Memo can fit up to 8 lines. Here you can control how many lines can Memo field fit.

Attach images

Transactions in MoneyWiz can have images attached (e.g. photos of receipts or the items you've bought). You can read more about this here. This setting controls whether to display "Add image" button.


Whether to display tags field during transaction entry and if yes - what should be the tag separator. It can be either semicolon or comma:


You can read more about working with tags in the tags guide.

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