There are three ways of creating transaction payees that we'll go through here.

Creating Payees via Settings

This is probably the method you'll use least often. To create new transaction categories, first go to MoneyWiz Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the menu. Once you're in Settings view, click on Payees section. To create new payee using this window, click on + button and enter the payee name. You'll then be able to choose it from the list during transaction creation.

Creating Payees while creating transactions

Far easier and quicker method is to create payees right from the transaction creation window. When creating or modifying a transaction, just type in the Payee field. Once you save the transaction, if the payee you've typed does not exist, it will be created.

Creating Payees while importing transactions

Both manual statement import as well as automatic Online Banking import feature have the capacity to create new payees for you. It is discussed in more details in other guides that relate to those features in detail.

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