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How to create transactions with checks?
How to create transactions with checks?

Checkbook transactions are still very popular in many parts of the world. Learn how to create transactions using your checkbook!

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If you have a checkbook that you use to issue checks, you might want to record the check numbers in MoneyWiz. In order to do this, you first need to enable this feature.

Enabling the checkbook for your accounts

The checkbook register has to be enabled per account. This means that you might enable it for one account but not for the other.

Please note that it is enabled by default for newly created accounts if your local currency is set to USD.

In order to verify that the checkbook register is enabled for your account or enable it, start editing your account. Once the account properties window opens, switch to the Extended tab. In order to make it possible to enter checks in this particular account, the "Checkbook Register" option needs to be enabled. In order to disable the feature, disable this option.

Entering checks when entering transactions

Start creating new transaction or open an existing one for editing. Depending on your Transaction layout settings, you might see the check number field immediately or you might need to click on the Show all label to reveal hidden fields.

You can type the check number here or click the + button to have MoneyWiz automatically issue the next check number for you. Please note that it is currently not possible to reset check number count.

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