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(MoneyWiz 3) How to bulk-edit transactions?
(MoneyWiz 3) How to bulk-edit transactions?

Please note that this article is describing older version of MoneyWiz.

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Bulk-edit of transactions allows you to modify multiple transactions at the same time, saving a lot of time changing the details of many transactions. This feature is currently only available in MoneyWiz for Desktop (Mac or Windows).

To begin, you need to switch to Expert view, where transactions are listed in rows and columns:


Once you switch to Expert view, you can start selecting multiple transactions. There are few ways of doing this:

Selecting a single transaction

Click once on a transaction row to select it. If you click on another transaction row, the previous one will get deselected.

Selecting multiple transactions

If you need to select multiple transactions that are scattered around your account register, click once on them while holding ⌘ cmd key on Mac or control key on Windows.

If you hold this key while clicking on a transaction row once, MoneyWiz will add the transaction you're clicking on to the previous selection.

Selecting multiple transactions in a range

If the transactions you need to select are next to each other, do the following:

  1. Click on the first transaction in a group (could be the first or last) without holding anything.

  2. Press and hold ⇧ Shift key on your keyboard and click on the transaction row in the opposite location (if you first selected the first transaction in a group, select the last one now).

  3. Release the ⇧ Shift key.

What this will do is select the first transaction you clicked on, the second transaction you clicked on and all transactions in between the two.

You can do a similar thing using your keyboard:

  1. Click on a transaction.

  2. Press and hold ⇧ Shift on your keyboard and keep pressing the up or down arrow on your keyboard until you select all transactions you need.

  3. Release the ⇧ Shift key.

Select all visible transactions

You can also select all visible transactions. This is especially powerful if you've just searched for some transactions (e.g. for a particular payee) and you need to modify them all.

  1. Click on one of the visible transactions (doesn't matter if it's first, last or in the middle).

  2. Press this combination of keys on your keyboard: ⌘ cmd + A on Mac or control + A on Windows.

That's it! All visible transactions have been selected.

Editing selected transactions

To edit all selected transactions, you need to right-click on one of them (or left click while holding control key on your keyboard if you have right click disabled). You can then choose to Edit the transactions, Delete them and more.

You can also left-click on them once, hold the mouse button down and drag them - for example, to move them to a different account.

Bulk-edit limitations

  • This feature is currently only available in MoneyWiz for Desktop (Mac and Windows).

  • It is not possible to bulk-edit transactions of different type (e.g. modify an expense and income at the same time - you need to first edit the expenses and then edit the incomes).

  • It is not possible to bulk-edit these types of transactions: adjust balance, transfers, refunds and investment/forex/crypto trades.

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