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Do you support my bank? How to check the list of banks that are supported?
Do you support my bank? How to check the list of banks that are supported?

MoneyWiz supports thousands of Online Banking institutions. Check if yours is among the list and what to do if it's not!

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In order to see a complete list of banks that MoneyWiz supports, please download a free version of MoneyWiz on your device, start creating a new account, select Online Banking type and search the list of banks and institutions we support. Please note that you will need an active subscription in order to browse the list of supported banks and you might need to adjust the Online Banking Provider settings to make sure you can find your bank. Remember that you can sign up for a free 7 day trial though!

To search the list of banks, simply start typing your bank name. After you type 3 characters or more, MoneyWiz will start showing you some results.

If your Online Banking provider is set to Salt Edge Original, Salt Edge Partner, you can type 2-letter code of your country (e.g. IT for Italy, CA for Canada, MX for Mexico, etc) to show banks from just this country. Please note that you cannot combine this search with anything else -- the search box needs to contain just those 2 letters.

If you have requested to add a bank and received a notification that it has been added, please allow 24 hours for it to appear in MoneyWiz. If your bank is not yet available and you'd like to see it added, please see this article.

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