When you connect an Online Banking account in MoneyWiz, you will see that it has downloaded some of your older transactions but not all of them. You might wonder why it didn't download more transactions or how to control how much it downloads. This article explains it all.

Connecting Online Banking to an empty account (no transactions)

If you're connecting Online Banking to an account that has no transactions (or creating a new account while connecting to Online Banking), MoneyWiz will download as much transactions as possible but usually within 30-90 days range. Some banks, especially PSD2-enabled, share even 365 days of transaction history. But please note that the exact period is up to the bank and Online Banking Provider to decide. MoneyWiz always downloads the widest history range possible.

If you need more transaction history, you can export it from your bank and import into MoneyWiz manually.

Connecting Online Banking to an account with existing transactions

If the account you're connecting Online Banking to already contains some transactions, MoneyWiz will check for the transaction with the most recent date, set it as a starting point and only download transactions newer than this (the limits described above still apply).

This means that if you have a transaction with today's date, most likely no transaction would be downloaded upon connection (but the next day, once you have more recent transactions, they'll arrive as normal). This will apply even if you have just 1 transaction in your account - with today's date. In that case, it's better to remove that transaction and let MoneyWiz download your transaction history (keeping in mind the limits described above).

This is important to remember as MoneyWiz will not fill the blanks in your transaction history, if you have any. It'll look for the most recent transaction and download only the newer ones.

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