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How to switch from one subscription to another?
How to switch from one subscription to another?

Bought one subscription but wish to change to another? No problem!

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If you have purchased MoneyWiz Premium subscription but wish to switch to MoneyWiz Standard subscription (or vice-versa) or bought monthly subscription and wish to switch to yearly (or vice-versa), you should perform the steps below:

  1. First, simply cancel your existing subscription. This will prevent the subscription for renewing but you'll be able to enjoy it up until the subscription renewal date.

  2. Wait for your subscription to expire. You can use all features you've paid for up until the renewal date (MoneyWiz also often gives you few days of grace period so you might see few extra days added to your subscription). Remember that when the subscription runs out, no data is deleted from your account. The paid features simply stop working but no data is lost!

  3. Once MoneyWiz complains about a missing license, simply re-purchase it again. You can do this either from inside of MoneyWiz (Settings > License) or our own web store. Remember -- if you're asked for a billing e-mail, always enter the e-mail you use as the MoneyWiz Cloud (by SYNCbits) login so MoneyWiz can easily recognize the subscription.

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