MoneyWiz now supports URL Schemas to assist you in automatically creating transactions! A URL schema invocation looks like this:


All URL schema invocations must start with moneywiz:// followed by either expense? or income? and then the rest of the attributes. The supported attributes are:

  • account (required) - the name of the account without spaces. For example "John CHASE Savings" would be "JohnCHASESavings".

  • amount (required) - use dot as decimal separator.

  • currency (optional) - enter desired currency code, such as USD, GBP, EUR, etc.

  • payee (optional)- the name of the payee, use %20 as whitespace separator. If the payee doesn't exist, it will be created.

  • category (optional) - the hierarchy should be described by slashes. Whitespaces escaped by %20. For example: Dining%20Out/Restaurants

  • description (optional) - Whitespaces escaped by %20

  • memo (optional) - Whitespaces escaped by %20

  • tags (optional) - Whitespaces escaped by %20. Multiple tags divided by comma.

  • date (optional) - format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

  • save (optional) - default value is false. Set to true for MoneyWiz to directly save the transaction. Set to false for MoneyWiz to open the transaction entry screen with all the data pre-entered.

For example, copy the following URL address to clipboard, open Safari app on your device and "visit" this website:


What you should see is that MoneyWiz opened with new expense window active, amount prefilled with 5.99 and category as "Other". Of course, copying and pasting the address into a web browser is not really fun or helpful. But you can use third-party applications that allow you to execute URL schemes with a click of a button or use Apple's own Shortcuts app.

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