MoneyWiz now supports URL Schemas to assist you in automatically creating transactions! A URL schema invocation looks like this:


All URL schema invocations must start with moneywiz:// followed by operation type and then the rest of the attributes.

The supported operations are:

  • expense?

  • income?

  • updateholding?

The supported attributes for expense? and income? are:

  • account (required) - the name of the account without spaces. For example "John CHASE Savings" would be "JohnCHASESavings".

  • amount (required) - use dot as decimal separator.

  • currency (optional) - enter desired currency code, such as USD, GBP, EUR, etc.

  • payee (optional)- the name of the payee, use %20 as whitespace separator. If the payee doesn't exist, it will be created.

  • category (optional) - the hierarchy should be described by slashes. Whitespaces escaped by %20. For example: Dining%20Out/Restaurants

  • description (optional) - whitespaces escaped by %20

  • memo (optional) - whitespaces escaped by %20

  • tags (optional) - whitespaces escaped by %20. Multiple tags divided by comma.

  • date (optional) - format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

  • save (optional) - default value is false. Set to true for MoneyWiz to directly save the transaction. Set to false for MoneyWiz to open the transaction entry screen with all the data pre-entered.

The supported attributes for updateholding? are:

  • symbol (required) - the symbol of holding to update

  • price (required) - the price you wish to set

  • date (optional) - the date to update the price for in format YYYYMMDD. If you don't supply the date, it'll use the current date

  • currency (optional) - the currency of the account where holding is located. If you don't supply the currency, it'll use your local currency

MoneyWiz will get all holdings from all accounts in the specified currency that match the specified symbol and execute update price action. All accounts in different than the specified currency will be ignored. Upon opening, it will just open the list of accounts.

If holdings do not support manual price update, this action will be ignored.

Using those URL schemas

For example, copy the following URL address to clipboard, open Safari app on your device and "visit" this website:


What you should see is that MoneyWiz opened with new expense window active, amount prefilled with 5.99 and category as "Other". Of course, copying and pasting the address into a web browser is not really fun or helpful. But you can use third-party applications that allow you to execute URL schemes with a click of a button or use Apple's own Shortcuts app.

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