MoneyWiz 3 is our older version of MoneyWiz (like MoneyWiz 1 and 2 before) which has now retired status. This means that it will no longer receive new features but we still occasionally release bug fixes to urgent issues. Please note that despite not receiving new features anymore, this version is still working great and is used by a lot of our customers.

MoneyWiz 2022 is our brand new version that is constantly updated with both bug fixes and new features. You can check the new features (compared to MoneyWiz 3) here.

Not sure which version to buy? The following list of most important differences might help:

  • MoneyWiz 3 is available on iOS/Mac/Android/Windows platforms, while MoneyWiz 2022 is currently only available for iOS and Mac. While we do plan to release MoneyWiz 2022 on other platforms as well, we're not yet sure when it might happen so if you need to use MoneyWiz on Android/Windows, we suggest to get MoneyWiz 3 instead. You cannot use MoneyWiz 2022 and MoneyWiz 3 at the same time with a single sync account.

  • MoneyWiz 2022 requires a subscription (there are Standard and Premium subscriptions available). It does not come with a one-time payment option. If this is important for you, we suggest to get MoneyWiz 3 instead.

If you wish to learn more about available MoneyWiz 2022 licenses, please see this article. If you're interested in MoneyWiz 3, this article contains information regarding purchase process.

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