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Signing in with Apple ID explained
Signing in with Apple ID explained

MoneyWiz allows you to quickly create a MoneyWiz Cloud account using Sign in with Apple feature.

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When you first launch MoneyWiz with an empty database, you'll be offered to "Sign in with Apple". This article describes this feature in more detail.

What happens if I click this button?

MoneyWiz will contact Apple to see if you already have linked your Apple ID to MoneyWiz Cloud already. If yes, it'll sign you in. If not, you'll be offered to create new MoneyWiz Cloud account.

How to create new MoneyWiz Cloud account using Apple ID?

If there is no link between MoneyWiz Cloud and Apple ID, you'll be offered to create new account using your Apple ID. During that process, you'll be given a choice whether to use your real Apple ID e-mail or hide your e-mail from us and use a private relay.

  • If you choose the former, MoneyWiz will create a MoneyWiz Cloud account for you and your Apple ID e-mail will be your login.

  • If you choose the latter, MoneyWiz will create a MoneyWiz Cloud account for you with a login like [email protected], where the "abcd1234" part is randomly generated by Apple. Any e-mail sent to this address, if it came from MoneyWiz or our partners, will be forwarded to your real Apple ID e-mail.

Wait... What's my password?

It's randomly generated by MoneyWiz. Due to how Sign in with Apple is designed, immediately after signing up no one knows your password (even you). The idea is that you don't need to remember your password as long as you can access your Apple ID because when clicking on the "Sign in with Apple ID", you'll be automatically signed in.

However, it is possible to reset your password. Just click here, then "I forgot my password" and enter your e-mail (if you chose to hide your Apple ID, you need to enter the [email protected] e-mail).

How do I sign in on another device?

Once your account was created using Apple ID, you can sign in two ways:

  • on second device click "Sign in with Apple ID". If you are signed into the same Apple ID on this device as in the device used to create the account, you'll be able to sign in simply by following the on-screen process and authentication,

  • on second device click "E-mail sign in". If you have iCloud Keychain sync enabled on both devices, MoneyWiz will automatically populate the login and password fields with your credentials.

Does Sign in with Apple ID has any limitations?

Yes. Since by default you don't know the password, it makes granting others (like your spouse) access to your sync account bit more difficult. But remember that you can reset your password (see "Wait... What's my password?" section above).

I created a MoneyWiz Cloud / SYNCbits account earlier. Can I use Sign in with Apple and link it with my account?

That's not something directly supported at this time but the following steps might work:

  1. Make sure iCloud Keychain is enabled.

  2. Log in to your sync account manually -- select E-mail sign in and enter your credentials.

  3. Next time you use Sign in with Apple ID, it should sign you in with those credentials.

Please note that at this time we cannot guarantee it working 100% of the time. Remember we're not phasing out our custom MoneyWiz Cloud accounts in favor of Apple ID -- we'll continue supporting accounts created earlier, without Apple ID, forever.

Other resources regarding Sign in with Apple

You can read more about the feature and the process in this Apple document.

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