How to sort transactions?

Sort the transactions in date descending or ascending, by amount, by payee, etc!

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In order to sort transactions, please click on the Filters/Sort button in the search box:

You will be presented with a palette of combined filtering and sorting options. Filters are described in more detail in this article, and the grouping setting here.

To change sorting settings, simply click on the new sorting that you wish to use.

There are few things to note:

  • this setting does not sync to other devices via MoneyWiz Cloud but it is device-wide, meaning that all accounts will use this sort now,

  • the sort settings you set will also apply to the table view. Changing the sort settings in table view (by clicking on the column headers) will translate to sort settings in this palette. In other words -- those settings are the same,

  • when sorting by date (descending or ascending), MoneyWiz will still group transactions by status (Cleared, Pending and Forecast). The sort will be applied in each group separately. It's not possible to sort by date without the groups present,

  • the transaction status groups do not appear when sorting by things other than date,

  • running balance ("Balance" column) will not show unless you're sorting by date (ascending or descending).

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