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Upgrading from MoneyWiz 2
Upgrading from MoneyWiz 2

If you see MoneyWiz 2 not working well in the newest iOS/macOS releases, please see this guide.

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If you don’t update neither MoneyWiz, nor your OS [Operating System], MoneyWiz will potentially work forever but you leave yourself exposed to potential bugs or security issues. If you update one (MoneyWiz/OS) but not the other, something might break. Therefore we recommend that you keep your devices up to-date at all times, both in terms of MoneyWiz and OS version. For this reason, we cannot guarantee an older version of MoneyWiz working on newer OS.

Sadly it appears that newest iOS 14.2 update has broken something that MoneyWiz 2 needs to operate, causing it to crash after each transaction (fortunately the transaction is still saved). We're not doing any planned obsolescence, meaning that we wanted MoneyWiz 2 to break eventually to force you to upgrade. We always have been happy to see MoneyWiz 2 customers writing to us asking about something -- this meant that MoneyWiz 2 was still going strong, despite not having been updated in a long time. A stable app is always a source of pride for a developer.

Sadly, we knew this will not continue forever. As Apple kept releasing new versions of its operating system, something had to break eventually (see above). It seems that this moment has arrived for iOS (and perhaps soon for macOS as well). This leaves our MoneyWiz 2 customers with a question on what to do. The possible solutions are:

  • export your data as CSV file to move to another app,

  • upgrade to MoneyWiz 3,

  • upgrade to MoneyWiz 2024.

Naturally we'd prefer if you decided on one of the latter 2 options but we don't want to lock you in. You can always export your data in CSV format by going to MoneyWiz Settings > Export. This guide will discuss the remaining options further.

I don't want to upgrade -- can't you just fix MoneyWiz 2? Surely this issue needs just a small maintenance update!

Just like all developers, we create our iOS/Mac apps using Apple Xcode -- a set of tools combined into a text editor on steroids. Apple releases new Xcode version each year and just like an operating system upgrade can break something, so does each Xcode upgrade break something here and there and each year we need to make sure that MoneyWiz compiles correctly with new Xcode version.

Now, here's the thing: we can't use old Xcode version to release an app update and MoneyWiz 2 is so old that even making it run with the current Xcode version would take us few weeks. That's just for making it run -- changing even one line of code would bring many unexpected bugs that we'd need to find and fix, basically requiring months of work without any guarantee that we'd be able to release a stable product.

For this reason we're technically unable to release even a tiniest MoneyWiz 2 update.

Okay, so I have to upgrade. But I paid for MoneyWiz 2 so I can upgrade for free, right?

In a perfect world -- yes. Sadly, the world is not perfect and food, rent, education, etc all cost money. Just like you, our employees have families to support and your purchases help us keep the lights running. Again, we're not introducing any planned obsolescence but major upgrades being paid (like MoneyWiz 2 > MoneyWiz 3) have been the standard business model for a very long time now. We're happy to give you a discount but we cannot give the upgrade for free. If we did, there soon would be no one around to answer your questions, test, update and release the app you're using. We're not in the business of harvesting your data for advertising purposes so we only earn money when you pay us directly. You're our customer and MoneyWiz is our product that we sell.

How do I upgrade? Can I keep my data?

Upgrading is very easy and you can bring your data along! Here's what you should do:

  1. Do not remove MoneyWiz 2 from your devices. Keep it installed -- it'll serve as your backup.

  2. If you have MoneyWiz 2 still installed on your iOS device, make additional quick backup via MoneyWiz Settings > Database.

  3. Decide which version you'd like to upgrade to: MoneyWiz 3 or MoneyWiz 2024. You can learn more here.

  4. Purchase the license (if you can, use your sync e-mail address as the billing e-mail so your license can be automatically activated).

  5. Install MoneyWiz version of your choice on your device and sign in to your sync account: in MoneyWiz 3, go to Settings > SYNCbits > Sign in (on Mac, you can find this option in the menu bar on top), in MoneyWiz 2024 go to Settings > MoneyWiz Cloud section on top.

  6. Check if all data migrated properly. If not, please leave things as they are and contact us. If all data migrated properly, it's safe to remove MoneyWiz 2 from your devices now.

Remember that if at any time you encounter a problem or concern, we're here to answer your questions.

We hope that you'll enjoy the new version of MoneyWiz!

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