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Group transactions by status setting explained
Group transactions by status setting explained

Decide whether to group Cleared/Pending/Forecast transactions together or not.

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MoneyWiz can group your transactions by status (Cleared, Pending and Forecast), which breaks the sort (each group maintains its own sorting) but brings order to your Account register. If you don't want this to happen, it can be easily disabled.

In order to change this setting, please click on the Filters/Sort button in the search box:

You will be presented with a palette of combined filtering and sorting options. Filters are described in more detail in this article, while sorting is discussed here.

To adjust the grouping of transactions, decide on the "Group transactions by status" by choosing "Yes" or "No". If you choose Yes, your Account register will look like this:

If you set it to "No", it will look like this:

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