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How to pick an account icon from your bank?
How to pick an account icon from your bank?

Make your accounts immediately recognisable by selecting the correct category icons!

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When you connect an account to Online Banking feature, MoneyWiz will try to detect the correct account icon. In case this fails or you don't like the result, you can set a custom icon.

Begin by proceeding to edit the account and then click on the Icon field. From there you'll be offered the following options:

  • Default -- will use the default icon for that account type.

  • Icon -- pick an icon from the built-in selection of icons.

  • Icon from bank's website -- after clicking this, you'll be able to provide an URL (web address) to your bank website. MoneyWiz will try to extract the icon image from that website.

  • Custom URL -- you'll be allowed to provide a direct address to a JPG or PNG file from where MoneyWiz will download the image.

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