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MoneyWiz vs Copilot

Copilot vs MoneyWiz comparison of features & price

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We've compiled the following comparison to help you make an informed decision between MoneyWiz and Copilot. We did our best to provide accurate information at the time of writing but if you notice any inaccuracies, please let us know!




Automatic sync with banks

U.S. only

Support for multiple online banking data aggregators

Automatic categorization

Automatic detection of transfers & refunds

Manage accounts manually

Create accounts in different currencies

Support for worldwide fiat and crypto currencies

Credit card accounts

Loan accounts

Custom groups and arrangement of accounts

Archive old accounts

Account icons with official bank logos


Enter/edit transactions in online accounts

Notifications for new transactions

Create transactions in different currencies

Customize transaction entry fields

Transactions search

Custom multi-level categories

See transactions by account, by group or all

Investment & Trading

Traditional investment accounts support

Forex/crypto trading accounts support

Automatic market value updates for most holdings

Stock split support

Customizable information cards interface

G/L display, realized gains display

Budgets & Goals

Custom budgets

Zero-based budgeting

Grouping of budgets

Easily access budget history

See daily allowance

Scheduled transactions

Create recurring transactions

View upcoming scheduled transactions right in the account register

Access immediate forecast without generating a report


Number of 1-click report templates



Ability to generate custom reports

Export reports to CSV

Export reports to PDF

Save reports to re-generate later

Platform support & Syncing

Multi-platform support



Custom, dedicated data sync service

Background sync

Manual data handling

Imports CSV files

Apple Card statements only

Imports QIF files

Imports OFX files

Imports QFX files

Imports MT940 files

Export formats




Protect unauthorized data access with PIN or password

Face ID, Touch ID, Unlock with Apple Watch

Face ID only

Number of supported languages



Built-in calculator

Adjustable font size

Dark mode support

Customize application icon


Apple Watch app

Coming in 2022

Customer Support

24/7 e-mail support

Website chat

In-app chat

Online knowledge base

Offline PDF guide


Free trial

Monthly subscription



Yearly subscription



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