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Lower your bills with MoneyWiz
Lower your bills with MoneyWiz
With BillShark MoneyWiz can help you save some money from your regular bills!
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If you are in eligible country (at the moment: United States), MoneyWiz will use BillShark service to detect if you can save some money from your regular bills. The way it works is that we compare the payees and amounts in your Scheduled transactions against a list we receive from BillShark (the list is stored locally on your device so no information is sent outside during eligibility check). If your bill is eligible for a reduction, you'll see an information card at the top of the Scheduled transactions section.

If there are multiple discounts available, you'll be able to swipe through them. If you see no offers, it means that there's no chance to lower your bills at this time.

Upon clicking on Negotiate button, you'll see a new window where you can enter your personal information so BillShark can negotiate a reduction on your bill. Please remember that from that time you should contact BillShark ( for any questions regarding the negotiation process as MoneyWiz only checks whether there's a chance for a lower bill.

If you click on Negotiate but then cancel the process, the negotiate offer will disappear. If you did this by mistake, you can duplicate the scheduled transaction in question and it'll appear again (if it passes price reduction check).

Same if you click on Dismiss -- the offer will disappear and will not show again, unless you duplicate or re-create the scheduled transaction.

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